Why our CPhT study materials are simply the best

About PharmacyTrainer and Our Coursework

We are the innovators and industry leaders of pharmacy technician education. PharmacyTrainer began helping students become CPhTs in 1999 when we released our first course on an interactive CD-ROM. Following its resounding success, we published the first textbook that was designed to allow any student to study at home and pass the PTCB certification test on their first try – no supplemental books or prior experience required!

As the years passed, the field has continued to evolve – thankfully for our students, so has our coursework. As different subjects like pharmacy math and the practices of hospital pharmacy became more important, our courses became more detailed. When the PTCB’s PTCE was joined by the ExCPT Certification Exam, we updated our books to cover everything that students would need for either exam. When states began to require certification, we made sure our standards were even higher than theirs. No matter what challenges face our students, we are always there to help.

As a result of constantly staying up to date and providing the best learning experience to our students, PharmacyTrainer’s pharmacy technician coursework is used in all 50 states by schools, corporations, and individual self-study students alike. Many other companies try to imitate our success. None have succeeded.

Frequently Asked Questions

My employer has their own training program. Isn’t that good enough?

Unfortunately, no. Employer created training programs are notoriously incomplete and hard to understand. Obviously, retail employers have experience with retail pharmacy and their training programs will be heavily weighted towards that subject matter, but when it comes to hospital pharmacy, they almost always fall short – AND the PTCB examination tests heavily on hospital and institutional pharmacy. How much pharmacy math does it contain? Any information on drug distribution in the hospital? Pyxis Machines? Cart exchanges? Aseptic technique? Sterile compounding? IV flow rates? Pediatric dosage calculation? Pharmacy Law? Most other courses gloss over or even omit topics like these, but that’s exactly the type of information you can expect to see on the examination!


What can I expect from the PharmacyTrainer Certification Materials?

You can expect an all-inclusive course that will give you the information you need to pass the PTCB or ExCPT exam on your first try! The materials are written by a pharmacist and profession educator in a unique and easy-to-understand style that will make you like you have your own personal tutor. When the course touches on areas that could be hard to understand, it slows down and explains everything in detail to make sure you don’t get lost. And there are plenty of everyday examples to make concepts easy to grasp. When used with the PharmacyTrainer Examination Workbook, students get to assess their knowledge at regular intervals through a series of section tests, math tests, and final examinations. This allows the student to know where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and where more study may be needed. Self-study students can learn as fast, or as slow, as they want. You get to control your studies!

How much time will it take for self-study students to complete the course?

In general, we recommend a period of six to eight weeks for a student who will dedicate one to two hours a day to their studies. We have had students who have completed the program in a much shorter period of time, but we would consider the recommended time to be optimal. Your personal work experience and general study abilities will play a big part in hoe fast you move through the material. Of course, if you have been out of school for an extended time, or you have a hectic work or home schedule, you may take a bit longer. However, one of the biggest advantages to the self-study format is that you can take as little or as much time as you feel necessary. You are in control!

I have no pharmacy experience. Is this still the best course for me?

Yes! We have helped tens-of-thousands of students with absolutely no pharmacy experience pass the certification examination on their first try! Our course is written so that a student with no experience is introduced to the profession of pharmacy in a well-coordinated and easy-to-understand way. We like to describe it as a “learning journey” where concepts are explained in depth and chapters are arranged so that knowledge from one chapter provides a foundation for the next. Students are walked through the process of filling prescription orders in both retail and hospital environments. Pharmacy math is covered in a step-by-step manner from the ground up. The legal aspects of dispensing drug products are explained from the very beginning of pharmacy legislation through the latest laws that affect our practice. Difficult concepts, such as pharmacology and pharmacokinetics are explained using everyday examples and easy-to-understand language. You will never be lost due to assumptions of prior knowledge!


I have lots of pharmacy experience. Is this still the best course for me?

Yes! You may have plenty of pharmacy experience, but very few candidates have experience in every area the certification examinations cover. Do you have experience in IV Admixture? Are you confident in calculating IV flow rates? How about sterile and non-sterile compounding? The list goes on and on. Your experience will surely help you on the material you use on a daily basis, but you still need a complete course that covers all of the knowledge from the other practice areas.

I am math-phobic! Can your course help me?

Absolutely! Our coursework recognizes that most students have been out of school for a while, and it may have been some time since you were in a math class. We start off the process with a general review of basic math functions that relate to the practice of pharmacy. The basics of fractions, roman numerals, and decimals are covered to give a firm foundation to the more complex math calculations ahead. As the course progresses, it teaches the necessary skills needed to tackle the needed calculations – and it lets you know when and why to use each! The favorite part of the PharmacyTrainer book with both students and instructors alike has always been the math coverage. Even the most math-phobic students will love the PharmacyTrainer approach!