Never Fear Pharmacy Math Again!

We Make the Math Simple and Easy-to-Understand!

You will be surprised at how simple pharmacy math can be! Our training methods have been developed through over seventeen years of teaching pharmacy technician students in live, distance, and self-study learning formats. We created the material with the “math-phobic” student in mind, and we take away the fear using the radical idea that math should be brought to the student at the point of their studies where the calculation is required. This way the student understands the context and the need for the calculation.

You will learn pharmacy math in a “step-by-step” method during your learning journey through pharmacy.

“We believe that pharmacy math is best taught when properly integrated into a complete certification review book rather than a math only book which usually only serves to confuse and frustrate the student!”

Our pharmacy math teaching methods are a favorite of both students and instructors alike!

You will learn:

* Basic Math Review *
* Conversions *
* Proportions *
* Calculating Quantities *
* Cash & Insurance Pricing *
* Temperature Conversion *
* Percentage Concentration *
* Compounding Calculations *
* Proportions *
* Alligations *
* Ratio Concentration *
* Adult & Pediatric Dosage Calculations *
* Intravenous Drug Calculations *
* and more! *

 All with step-by-step instructions !

“I wish to thank you for teaching me the finer points of pharmacy technician work, especially the MATH SKILLS! … I would not have passed the certification examination without the tremendous help of your course!   – Jeffrey H., CphT”

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Math Preparation is also found in our Pharmacy Technician Certification Textbook. You can purchase the book either separately or together in our money-saving package deal.